Advocates of the High Court and Independent Law Practitioners

Welcome to The Maisels Group. We are a group of advocates of the High Court of South Africa, who are members of the Johannesburg Bar (Society of Advocates, Witwatersrand Local Division). The members of The Maisels Group are independent sole practitioners intently following in the footsteps of great and remarkable advocates.

The Maisels Group is Bound Together in the Pursuit of Excellence

The group, and the building in which it is housed, is named after Israel (Issy/Issie) Aaron Maisels QC, one of the great advocates of the Bar. Practising from their chambers in Maisels Chambers, in the Sandton CBD in close proximity to the offices of the Johannesburg Bar and many law firms, the advocates of The Maisels Group provide a professional and valuable service to their attorneys and their clients.

Through the pursuit of excellence, the encouragement of transformation and the respect of individualism we endeavour to provide services of the highest standard. Throughout the group we also ensure that young advocates develop to become outstanding advocates.

Feel free to browse our site and find more information about The Maisels Group and the outstanding quality of advocates we have under our roof.

Remembering Isie Maisels

On 19 November 2017, Israel Aaron Maisels, QC, known to many as Isie,* would have turned 112. Having retired from the Bar in 1992, at the age of 87, Isie’s legacy lives on – not only for the Chambers and Groups that proudly carry his name, but because he is remembered as one of the finest advocates to have emerged from our ranks. In the 61st year since the Treason Trial, Isie’s leadership will forever be memorialised in the letter penned by the struggle stalwarts he represented which hangs in the foyer of the building which bears his name. Of him, they said: “throughout the long dreary years of our trial we have been proud to have been defended by you, not only because we know that in you we have had the best defence that this land could supply, but we have been proud because we know of the magnificent legal battles you have fought to preserve the rule of law, to prevent it from being whittled away by the unscrupulous machinations of the Government”. The Maisels Group is proud to carry his name and legacy and to continue the finest traditions of the Bar which Isie’s life exemplified throughout his extraordinary career.

* In preparing this, it was brought to our attention that there is a common misconception about such a well-known man! “Isie” is the correct spelling, not “Issy” as many think.

Maisels Team Leading Constitutional Challenge to Dagga Ban

Don Mahon and Chris Carelse are acting for the so-called ‘‘Dagga Couple’’ in a four-week trial in the Pretoria High Court. The high-profile case concerns the efforts of the Couple as they try to ultimately get the Constitutional Court to decriminalise the private use of marijuana. Many Members report that the Court is a site of daily protest for both pro- and anti-decriminalisation activists. The Group, if not the whole country, will certainly follow this case with interest.

Kennedy Tsatsawane Appointed Acting Judge

So soon after being nominated for Senior Counsel status, the Maisels Group once again congratulates our own Kennedy Tsatsawane who shall be an Acting Judge in Pretoria for a few weeks. We know that Tsatsawane AJ will bring to the bench the same skills which make him a formidable advocate and we look forward to welcoming back to Chambers.

Good Luck to our Pupils

The Maisels Group wishes all our pupils the best for their upcoming mock and final exams. In addition to immersing themselves in practice, pupils undergo a rigorous academic programme which culminates in their preliminary and final exams in July and August of every year. We have no doubt they will work hard in acquitting themselves that will make them, their mentors, and the Group, proud of their achievements.